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a dirty hippie summer

photo by steven walter

photo by steven walter

what happens when 2 of your friends set out to do their dream job, then actually accomplish it…you get really jealous, and then super stoked for them! check out the words of lindsay colip and photos from steven ‘walt’ walter. this is what they’re doing: 64 days. 12 countries. 5 music festivals. 2 radiohead shows. 2 friends. 1 global goal: To inspire people to travel abroad, see international music festivals and become more compassionate, understanding human beings.

check them out on jambase or SPIN Earth

leave them some love about what you think and get inspired

July 24, 2009 at 1:41 pm 1 comment

Palm Springs countdown: 11 days


More polls !!!


April 7, 2009 at 10:25 am 2 comments

Palm Springs Countdown: 18 days !!!

The girls of 27 North Congress circa 2005 are all headed to sunny Palm Springs (that’s in California, not Florida) in a mere 18 days and I think it’s high time we start thinking about some important aspects of the trip. Namely, what we will be cooking and eating. Oh and drinking.


March 31, 2009 at 12:49 pm 1 comment

Come fly with me

asiana151As I was waiting for my shuttle to arrive at the airport I was bombarded by a group of five fantastic looking Asiana Airlines stewards (men and women).  I just didn’t realize that any airlines dressed like this anymore! It was truly stunning. The hat was my favorite part and if I could pull it off, I would totally try to nab an outfit for Halloween. This is the reason little girls used to want to grow up to be flight attendants, the killer outfits.

Happy flying! Rush

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The real estate game


This house is more like a castle than anything else. It’s been here for almost 100 years and is far beyond what I would ever imagine living in. It has a great hall, huge entryway where I could put my 25 foot tall Chistmas tree, 7 bedrooms all with their own bath and two kitchens!


The sick thing is, its not even that expensive by Seattle standards. While I look at falling apart 400 square foot homes for $500,000 here, I could be living like a queen in the fair city of Detroit for only slightly more. This house is selling for $800,000, seriously. Detroit must really suck that hard.

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