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a dirty hippie summer

photo by steven walter

photo by steven walter

what happens when 2 of your friends set out to do their dream job, then actually accomplish it…you get really jealous, and then super stoked for them! check out the words of lindsay colip and photos from steven ‘walt’ walter. this is what they’re doing: 64 days. 12 countries. 5 music festivals. 2 radiohead shows. 2 friends. 1 global goal: To inspire people to travel abroad, see international music festivals and become more compassionate, understanding human beings.

check them out on jambase or SPIN Earth

leave them some love about what you think and get inspired

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HGTV Dream Home Giveaway Sweepstakes

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bicycles bicycles!


national bike to work week is may 11-14! and bike to work day is may 14. i better get a tote bag this year as i have missed the freebies in the past…and to quote erin, joe and tracy from previous years, “free stuff!” so get on your whips everyone. more details to come.


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This makes me so so happy

breakfast_club_danceDo yourself a favor and watch this. At least twice. Borrowed from here (love her) and watched several times over on Youtube

It’s someone’s clever remake of Phoenix’ song lisztomania done to a mash up of brat pack movie scenes. Sentimental and rad.

Sammy Baker Davis Jr approves!


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I’m mad about French!

I am having a great time reading about Julia Child’s experience in France in the book Julia Child My Life in France Highly recommend and it has gotten me to want to try all these proper french recipes!

My first attempt was at a classic beurre blanc and I followed the recipe that Julia mentions in the book. It is oh so good and very simple to make. Also goes great on anything! Poached salmon and green beans were the vessels I used but I would be willing to bet that beurre blanc would be awesome on steak, potatoes just about anything!

Ok so the recipe:

I halved the normal recipe as it was just for me. And sadly I was able to easily eat all of this, including one whole stick of butter, in 2 days. Yum.

Over a heavy enameled saucepan heat up:
1/8 cup of dry white wine (recommend drinking while doing this as well)
1/8 white wine vinegar
1 small shallot finely chopped
and cook until reduced by about half and is thick. then the fun part!
add in one stick of cold butter, one Tbsp at a time over very low heat and mix thoroughly. Add some salt and black pepper (they say to add white but I simply HATE white pepper) The sauce will become thick and rich. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and the result is out of this world good.

Enjoy! My next attempt will be a Bouillabaisse (as in the book right now she is in Marseilles and enjoying all the seafood). I’ll post on this when the time comes.

I didn’t take my own photo of my meal but it almost looked like this. Except that mine was salmon instead of scallops. Use your imagination.


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outside lands lineup annouced

check the line up here

haven’t decided if i’ll go or not this year after last years shit show. but luckily its just steps from my apartment…maybe i’ll just listen.

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