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a dirty hippie summer

photo by steven walter

photo by steven walter

what happens when 2 of your friends set out to do their dream job, then actually accomplish it…you get really jealous, and then super stoked for them! check out the words of lindsay colip and photos from steven ‘walt’ walter. this is what they’re doing: 64 days. 12 countries. 5 music festivals. 2 radiohead shows. 2 friends. 1 global goal: To inspire people to travel abroad, see international music festivals and become more compassionate, understanding human beings.

check them out on jambase or SPIN Earth

leave them some love about what you think and get inspired

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outside lands lineup annouced

check the line up here

haven’t decided if i’ll go or not this year after last years shit show. but luckily its just steps from my apartment…maybe i’ll just listen.

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rockin’ bike



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surf art



these are pretty incredible. i’m just gonna let you mellow on the photos. this is just one of the incredible series of underwater art installations – dubbed Dopamine – from surf/street/skate label Insight51, featuring the combined creative handiwork of Steve Gorrow and photographer Dustin Humphrey (from


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Ohio Pride



Still want to pick up this little gem…. I need to wait until I move again perhaps and wait for the perfect spot! It’s an Etsy product and happens to be hand made by my friend’s friend so that makes it extra special. Check it out here.



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thank you upper playground




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I want to go to there

Just loving this. Thanks Mrs. Warner!log Check out more fun with flowers here


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dig droog

tree-trunk-benchi stumbled upon droog and i’m all about it. i would describe it as part company part design collaborative part fantastic. founded in 1993 in amsterdam (oh amsterdam…i want to go to there (to be read in a tina fey 30rock voice)) ok carrying on- their products each tell a story about themes such as: memories, nostalgia, re-use, craftsmanship and nature. If I can one day have my dream store I would want a philosophy that completely embodies those principals.
play around on their website, you won’t be disappointed.


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These will do

tulipJust lovely.  In case, ya know, someone is looking to shower me with flowers. I’ll take them anytime, anywhere.  I like them pink, I like them white, I like them yellow, I like them orange. Just don’t give me any Pacific Islanders, I just don’t get that.


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