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dolores chiller

a new bag from timbuk2 that is a cooler! it’s shaped like a regular messenger bag, but is insulated and has a bottle opener. named for the park where oh so many pbrs are enjoyed seems like a good idea, but has a pretty hefty price tag. here are my concerns:
a. lugging a bunch of beers on your back while riding is no fun
b. it generally doesn’t get hot enough here for your beers to get warm (possibly better for a southern beach day)
c. beer stops happen right before the park, thus chilled and take you through that 4th er 5th smoke sesh
d. what do you do with all your other stuff- hat, scarf, lock, journal, brendon doll

please timbuk2 if you’re out there let me judge for myself. i will fill it up with beers every weekend and head to the park just for you!

check it out HERE and let us know what you think. ~french

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we’re alive!

heart-monitor-500did you think we were dead? i know i could go on and on and give lots of excuses about why your beloved bluprint27 stopped posting. was it the economy? was it mj’s death? did work get so hectic that i couldn’t find time to blog and read other blogs and facebook? was it that we just got bored and lazy? uh…em….you decide. but i’m back in action and i’ve got a lot of new stuff to fill you in on. ~french

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