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Pork Heaven

I love all things pork. It’s the greatest meat out there. Me thinks. I have a new love and it is called Paseo. I finally made the venture to this little shack of a food stand and waited in line in near freezing temperatures for 30 minutes to finally be rewarded by possibly the greatest sandwich I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Mmmm. I will now insist on taking everyone here. I could eat it once a week, unless I get porked out. But I’ve been around for 26 years and that hasn’t happened yet. cuban-roastEnjoy! PS what you are seeing is braised pork shoulder, grilled onions, pickled jalepenos and a tasty aioli type spread on a perfectly toated baguette. It is sloppy, drippy, and 100% irresistible.


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surf art



these are pretty incredible. i’m just gonna let you mellow on the photos. this is just one of the incredible series of underwater art installations – dubbed Dopamine – from surf/street/skate label Insight51, featuring the combined creative handiwork of Steve Gorrow and photographer Dustin Humphrey (from


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aussie aussie aussie! oy oy oy!

cutcopyCut Copy – “Lights and Music” from Ewan MacLeod on Vimeo.
it’s amazing crocodile dundee and flock of seagulls had a musical love child and their name is cut copy. ok i guess it’s not fair to use a stereotypical austrailian reference to describe an austrialian band, but i could have said steve irwin (r.i.p.) or vegemite.
the skinny: fun, dancy, and the perfect sountrack to your sparks infused saturday night.
they are playing in san francisco at my favorite venue the fillmore thursday, march 12th.


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busy bee


busy busy busy at my real job (eh) leaves not enough time to blog. i’m sure our huge readership is devastated…but i’ll be back and on top of it real soon…promise

enjoy the jeremy fish graphic


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