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Gansta’ Dinos

How funny are dinosaurs? Very funny. Some bones dug up in Montana (story here) show a gang of Triceratops chillin’ in the valley ready to go pop someone’s ass when a big ol’ flood came in and killed em. Motha’ nature ain’t got nothing on these prehistoric monster lizards! Thug life!
dino thug-life

And yes these graphics would be more impressive if I had photoshop and could have cripped out my dino like I wanted but I don’t. So deal.

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Another installment of Tuesday Tunage!

Hey kids! I don’t have anything new of sorts but I am enjoying KEXP today and here is what they played the last hour and how I feel about it:

Bon Iver- Skinny Love. Really enjoy them, totally pleasant but please please if you are going to say their name, esp on the radio, make an effort to pronounce it correctly. It’s like bone eever. Does that help? Not bon eye-ver.

Interpol- don’t much care for them. Sorry.

The Cure- End. A good one, always welcome The Cure to any playlist.

The Decemberists- The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid. Over it. Can’t tolerate the voice anymore.

Chin Chin- Stay. Honestly didn’t even notice it playing so can’t be good or bad.

Hot Chip- Ready for the Floor. Love Hot Chip most of the time. Fun and dancy even if sitting at your desk in a cold cold office.

Okkervil River- So Come Back, I am waiting. Not sick of his voice yet, not even a little. Still remember the first time I saw them under the Corson bridge in Georgetown, good stuff.

The big winner of this set? I’m going to have to give it to Hot Chip because it made the 4 minutes while it was playing fun for me to be sitting here. So congrats to Hot Chip! See you soon I hope! hot_chip

Tune it up today!


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rockin’ bike



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