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These will do

tulipJust lovely.  In case, ya know, someone is looking to shower me with flowers. I’ll take them anytime, anywhere.  I like them pink, I like them white, I like them yellow, I like them orange. Just don’t give me any Pacific Islanders, I just don’t get that.


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Come fly with me

asiana151As I was waiting for my shuttle to arrive at the airport I was bombarded by a group of five fantastic looking Asiana Airlines stewards (men and women).  I just didn’t realize that any airlines dressed like this anymore! It was truly stunning. The hat was my favorite part and if I could pull it off, I would totally try to nab an outfit for Halloween. This is the reason little girls used to want to grow up to be flight attendants, the killer outfits.

Happy flying! Rush

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love a man with great calves…

so do we…
bicycle_lovethe san francisco bike coalition is just fantastic! a few months ago they handed out much needed front and back lights for those dark december nights, thank you.  now with valentines day approaching they are sponsoring “love on wheels”, a 70s style dating game, sure to attract lots of single bikers. all the information you need is here.


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Je t’aime

Need these. Period. Hate that jcrew doesn’t have the good stuff in the stores, guess I’ll have to order them to know if they really are as great as I suspect them to be. erez

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I think she’s trying to tell me something

The last few mornings I have woken up early and snuck downstairs to catch my dog Sounder slinking off the couch with a guilty look on her face. She doesn’t do this during the day or when anyone is around, but at night, she decides she deserves complete comfort and takes to the couch. I think my girl needs her own bed. Now the hunt begins to find the perfect dog bed. I would like it to be durable, not hideous, and comfortable. My first consideration is one of these by Fatboy. fb-dogg-5tI’m thinking orange. Its one of my favorite colors and would really compliment Sounders markings.

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