Let’s talk Oscars

February 23, 2009 at 9:34 am Leave a comment

Ok lots to say about last nights Oscars. First of all, I thought they were fantastic! So fun and intimate and just a well run production from what I could tell. Of course I also love that for us left coasters the whole shebang is wrapped up by 9pm.
The red carpet show was good as always. They didn’t show any of the “secret” presenters so we didn’t get as much action as I would have liked but there were still funny moments like when Brad and Angie tried to not talk to that little man Seacrest and Tim Gunn just thinking EVERYONE was FABULOUS. Loved it. Marissa Tomei was just adorable looking, kudos to her. Angie’s jewelry (rockin emerald earrings and a huge ass ring to boot) was just about perfect. I’m warming up to Anne Hathaway and thought she looked good. Didn’t love Kate Winslet’s dress but wasn’t as offended by her hair as other people seem to be, I thought she looked great. My hands down favorite though was Nat Portman rocking the magenta dress, so so pretty. Oh man, hands down worsts were the crazy princess gowns! SJP should be ashamed of herself, and every time she said haute couture I wanted to scream because she pronounced it like “oat cutu” with this little nose thing, it was positively awful. And I hated seeing her with her cheating lame ass fat tard frosted hair husband of hers. The jig is up! Miley Cyrus rocked an equally ridiculous frock but she’s Miley and she never gets it.

Hugh Jackman, was never a big fan but I really liked him. Good opening set and I love that Anne Hathaway has a voice. The new set up was fun. Loved how they brought out the past winners. Whoopi looked hilarious in that leopard thing but it was great to see all those ladies up there. Speeches were great this year I thought. I got teary eyed twice so that is saying something! The cute little gay boy who wrote Milk was awesome! Also loved the Japanese fellow who ended his speech with “domo arigato mr roboto” that was about the only thing we understood anyway so it was cute that he got that and had some fun. Sean Penn was Sean Penn and I loved him for it. I think Penelope and Kate both had great, real speeches where you could tell they just did not know how to contain their excitement. The montages were great, the skits were funny, happy to see a little pot humor amongst all the glamour.

I was really happy Slumdog did so well. It almost was a bit ridiculous at times. I mean really… did they have the best Sound Editing? Or was it just a cute movie? But anyway they won a bunch of awards including Best Picture and since it’s the only movie I saw, I was happy for them.

More later. Rush.

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