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Very much into these guys lately

These guys are just awesome. Really I just got the CD (well by got the CD I mean borrowed from my super cool boyfriends music collection) and I cant get enough of it. Great in the car, fun to listen to at home, I even managed to fall asleep to it last night and find myself humming beats from it throughout the day, hopefully no one notices that part. Check em!

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Pillow therapy

missoni-pillowVery much love this pillow shown here. Its the zig zag missoni pattern that I find I love much more in home textiles than on a dress. Maybe its just that knits dont look quite as rockin on me as they do on this here pillow. I  found a place that will make a fresh one for me. Thanks Unica Home you guys made my day and my pillow dreams come true. And some day I will have a lovely couch like this one and the pillow will get to live there, but until then I will hoard it in my room like I do with everything else that I own that is nice or pretty to look at or not worth letting roommates touch.

Adieu -Rush

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