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speaking of tapas….



I am really wanting to have a night here. Tonight? Tomorrow? This weekend? Let’s make it happen.  Ocho in Ballard

mmmmmmm -Rush

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tapas chair

tapaschair2xzxwpu1i wouldn’t mind enjoying some tapas in this chair….ok that was corny, but the chair still is beautiful. made by furniture designer matthew hilton. while it has a strong presence, i don’t feel that it would over power a room. i think that 3 or 4 around a vintage table would look real nice. I wouldn’t mind having those giant doors either.~french

check it out and other equisite furniture here

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hip hip hooray!

barack-obama-21today was monumental, there’s no doubt about that. let’s give it up to our new president who gives so many so much hope. what a stylish guy to boot. -french

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The real estate game


This house is more like a castle than anything else. It’s been here for almost 100 years and is far beyond what I would ever imagine living in. It has a great hall, huge entryway where I could put my 25 foot tall Chistmas tree, 7 bedrooms all with their own bath and two kitchens!


The sick thing is, its not even that expensive by Seattle standards. While I look at falling apart 400 square foot homes for $500,000 here, I could be living like a queen in the fair city of Detroit for only slightly more. This house is selling for $800,000, seriously. Detroit must really suck that hard.

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Post office hours

logoI want to go to this bar today after work. It’s hilarious and perfect for a foggy dreary Seattle afternoon.

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