loathe the razor

January 9, 2009 at 4:23 am Leave a comment

rememer how fun a scooter was as a child? remember how not fun it is to be run down by a man in his 30s on one. razor scooters kill me. where did they come from and how are they an acceptable form of transportation? bikes, skateboard, and maybe just maybe rollerblades are all acceptable forms of getting around the city, but i drawn the line at the razor scooter if you are over 12. i can’t even imagine a grown adult walking into a KB toys to buy one, so i assume that they are given away as some free gift from the company. much like those god awful laptop bags with your companies logo, but thats another post. when you receive a free toy give it to your niece, your neighbor, donate it to kids! do not think that this is the perfect way to zip through the town. ok now i’m really getting heated because im about to leave work and i know i’ll spot at least 5, 2 of which will be wearing pads head to toes.razor1


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