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pretty chair

I think I could handle these and my dining chairs. Not sure what table I would match it with…. maybe something old and rustic. chairOr something really really simple with a big funky eccentric chandelier. Either way, I dig. Despite the fact that the top resembles a booster seat to me, I still want it. I want a new chair almost every week. It will be stressful when I actually have a house and have to make these important decisions. Until then, I’ll reserve the right to change my mind on a weekly basis.

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Happy Birthday David Bowie

you freaky old bastard you.


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So I just don’t get Portishead

I should like them, I like similar artists and even the genius* at iTunes thinks I should like them, and is reason they continue to pop up on playlists. I have their cd but I must say I just really hate it. Hate. Do not dig. I listen as if at some moment it will go from makes me want to vomit to makes me really happy, like booze at age 15. But no, I still hate it. I just don’t get it. It that voice supposed to be pleasant? because it certainly is not. So I am skipping over you yet again to the happy sounds of lcd soundsystem.

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