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Very much into these guys lately

These guys are just awesome. Really I just got the CD (well by got the CD I mean borrowed from my super cool boyfriends music collection) and I cant get enough of it. Great in the car, fun to listen to at home, I even managed to fall asleep to it last night and find myself humming beats from it throughout the day, hopefully no one notices that part. Check em!

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Pillow therapy

missoni-pillowVery much love this pillow shown here. Its the zig zag missoni pattern that I find I love much more in home textiles than on a dress. Maybe its just that knits dont look quite as rockin on me as they do on this here pillow. I  found a place that will make a fresh one for me. Thanks Unica Home you guys made my day and my pillow dreams come true. And some day I will have a lovely couch like this one and the pillow will get to live there, but until then I will hoard it in my room like I do with everything else that I own that is nice or pretty to look at or not worth letting roommates touch.

Adieu -Rush

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hometown homage


a friend of rush’s and mine as well, turned her on to this website , and after further discovery i felt it needed to be shared. the company is cle clothing.

now i know that there are a lot of start up t-shirt companies out there these days, but this one really pulled on my heart strings, obviously for the hometown love, and if you can’t guess by now it’s cleveland.

personal favorites are browns love, 216, and cuyahoga. i think the real appreciation is being 2500 miles away from home and still showing a little love. i couldn’t find out much more about the company besides the sweet t’s, so i would like to find out more….if you’re out there let us know.

fingers crossed there will be a westside suburbs collection, rocky river….what.

ok, and in the same theme i also want to give you a taste of a fantastic cleveland artist…sean mic.

January 25, 2009 at 9:36 pm 5 comments

Ps I made this last night.




and it was delicious! Braised pork shoulder spiced with fennel seed, coriander and cumin. Browned and then slow roasted until the meat fell apart. I was in pork heaven. From Suzanne Goin’s Sunday Suppers fall menu, served with polenta. A first for me, and a success.

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How do we feel about these?

From craigslist. I’ve been looking for some simple chairs to cover in this orange and white merimekko cow print that I’ve been saving forever. I think I like these even the way they are, the are retro sure but not crazy and I think could work in different settings. I love the legs. They are only $75 each, I bet I could get a deal if I got 2 of them. No place to put them of course but that’s not how I think about things. If I find it, and I like, I buy it and just wait for it to work. Then again, these could be really ugly and I’m just blind to it, so French? Opinion on these? Thanks. -Rush

January 25, 2009 at 11:16 am 1 comment

speaking of tapas….



I am really wanting to have a night here. Tonight? Tomorrow? This weekend? Let’s make it happen.  Ocho in Ballard

mmmmmmm -Rush

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tapas chair

tapaschair2xzxwpu1i wouldn’t mind enjoying some tapas in this chair….ok that was corny, but the chair still is beautiful. made by furniture designer matthew hilton. while it has a strong presence, i don’t feel that it would over power a room. i think that 3 or 4 around a vintage table would look real nice. I wouldn’t mind having those giant doors either.~french

check it out and other equisite furniture here

January 21, 2009 at 4:13 pm 1 comment

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